5 Ways to Declutter Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are often the most cluttered places in our homes. Between clothes, shoes, and accessories that we never wear to piles of old magazines and papers that have been there for months, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the stuff. But this doesn’t need to be your reality! In this blog post I will share 5 ways you can declutter your bedroom so you can finally go back to enjoying being inside it again.

Get rid of the clothes and shoes that you never wear.

It is hard to imagine living without all your favorite pairs of jeans or boots, but if they are not getting any use then it might be time for them to go! If there are certain pieces that you really want to save, store them in a designated area so they don’t take up space on top of everything else.

Donate old magazines and papers when possible.

When we no longer need something like this, we tend to hold onto it even though we have moved past whatever issue may have been consuming us at the time. We think “I’ll read those issues again some day” but most likely will just forget about piles of these things sitting around forever . Find a local donation center or charity and drop off any magazines/papers that are still in good condition.

Give old clothing to a friend, family member who can re-wear it, or donate it if possible.

This is something we often forget about when talking about decluttering our bedrooms because more than likely the only time we wear these clothes is around home! Take your best items into consideration for this step – they could make someone else’s day with their new style sense.

Get rid of unused bathroom products (makeup, toiletries).

There may be an entire cabinet full of makeup you never use anymore but have not gotten around to throwing out yet. Or maybe there are bottles upon bottles of shampoo and body wash that you have not used in years. Make the time now to get rid of what you won’t use – it will be a weight off your shoulders!

Throw away any food that has gone bad or expired and put everything else back where it belongs (clothes and accessories).

Keeping these things around is just asking for trouble, especially if they are taking up valuable closet space. Give yourself a pat on the back once finished as well – all this hard work really paid off 🙂


Keep a bag or box handy for easy disposal . It is always best to have some kind of receptacle on hand so we don’t litter our own home with trash, old clothes, and papers. A clear plastic container will be perfect because you’ll be able to see what’s inside at all times – no more forgetting about something in the back corner of the closet!

Make a schedule that works for you and stick to it! If setting aside time each night after work seems impossible then start earlier during the day when everything isn’t as crazy. The important thing is just making sure this gets done before things pile up again!

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